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How does an entrepreneur who mainly deals with ultra-modern technology in his professional life spend his spare time? Does he also surround himself with the newest electronic gimmicks at home? Does he prefer being on- rather than offline, is he an advocate of new media? Not necessarily: entrepreneur Florian Fritsch, active sponsor and investor in the electric mobility field, geothermics and IoT (Internet-of-Things), prefers a quieter way of life. To him, that is no contradiction.

Florian Fritsch loves great literature


Supporting future-oriented technologies is a considerable part of Fritsch’s daily tasks that the entrepreneur is very passionate about. Yet, he does not correspond to the cliché of the uncultured technology fan. He prefers to swap his tablet for a good book after work. “Reading is an irreplaceable respite from my hectic day-to-day life,” says Florian Fritsch. And when it comes to reading, he does not mind the material to be a little more demanding. Among many others, one of Florian Fritsch’s favourites is Shakespeare. He feels connected in a very special way to who is probably the most famous English poet.


Shakespeare’s works are renowned worldwide but not the most accessible reading material in written form – at least this is what many think when they look back on their own experience in English class. Fritsch believes this is a misconception: “As time passes, you learn to appreciate and love Shakespeare. If you have ignored the poet until now, discouraged by boring school lessons or the questionable musical stints of bad actors, you should perhaps give him a second chance.” He adds with a mischievous grin: “It might be a little like a quirky blind date that turns into a fantastic evening, against all expectations. The more you get to know him, the more you grow to like him.”
No wonder then that Fritsch also wants to share his passion for the English poet in his private life. For instance, he lately supported and organized a very special salon evening in Frankfurt together with the Reclam publishing house and other patrons of the art and literature scene in the celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Besides music and singing, the spectators could also listen to the literary scholar Stefana Sabin who read a few lines from her work Shakespeare auf 100 Seiten (“Shakespeare on 100 pages”) – probably the most accessible German introduction to the life and work of the poet and dramatist.


Fritsch also appreciates Shakespeare’s life and work from a professional point of view. “Shakespeare was an all-rounder. Comedies or tragedies – everything seemed to be an easy task to him. He was already famous during his lifetime. And that is what made Shakespeare unique in those days!” This is a source of inspiration for the entrepreneur who has a wide range of interests: “I am constantly driven by curiosity and new trends and technologies keep attracting my attention.”

The entrepreneur Florian Fritsch is seen as one the pioneers in the field of electric mobility, deep geothermics and sustainable building in Germany. He supports the use of innovative and sustainable technologies. Personally, he seeks to relax by reading literary classics of Shakespeare and also supports their dissemination privately.

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