Real Estate Development and Financing by FLORIAN FRITSCH ENTERPRISES

Florian Fritsch is a recognized expert in the real estate development and financing sector. The experienced investor considers sustainability and social equality to be of great importance in this sector, too. Thus, he supports families in socially disadvantaged areas with various projects: the project corporation subsidizes selected home purchases. Generally, prices for complete renovations and maintenance measures are not set too high, so that people who will later live there or have always lived there can afford to buy the apartments. Florian Fritsch purposely avoids high quotes that only investors can afford who then pass on these costs by charging high rents.

Sustainability of Real Estate Properties

“The future of real estate properties is sustainability” – Entrepreneur Florian Fritsch is so confident because only those who think about tomorrow now and save natural resources are going to be successful. Especially in the real estate sector, the concept of sustainability can have many faces. “It ranges from the heat and energy supply, which can be installed at home or partially decentralized, to smart home control systems, which not only make life more pleasant for residents, but also save a lot of money in incidental costs,” explains Florian Fritsch, CEO of FFE MANAGEMENT LTD.